Editor’s Pick of the Week: Kiara Berry’s Mayoko Okino Cosplay


Mayoko Okino from the manga Zone-00 made a presence in her new town as she flew in on her broomstick, earning her the nickname of ‘Witch of the West’.  As a witch, she also has a familiar companion which takes the form of a cat, but is said to actually be her boyfriend.  Mayoko has a soft, lovely appearance, but also harnesses a mysterious side.


Talented cosplayer Kiara Berry perfectly becomes Mayoko Okino in this cosplay that truly does Zone-00 justice.  She looks both innocent, with large dark eyes, and seductive with short school girl skirt and heels.  Kiara Berry has proven herself through each cosplay that she is fully devoted to her craft, and her Mayoko Okino cosplay is a perfect representation of such.  Be sure to Like Kiara on Facebook to see more of her epic cosplay work.



Photography by Eduard Luzhetskiy




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