Elaborate Battlefield 4 Easter Egg Found And Detailed

A well hidden easter egg has been found in Battlefield 4. The elaborate easter egg was somehow discovered recently in the game on their newest map. luckily, Youtuber Jackfrags has discovered it in the video below.

Last week, DICE released a new Legacy Operations map for Battlefield 4 and hidden within the map are a series of switches. Jackfrags explains that the series of switches are just the beginning of a massive multi-step process to get the easter egg. First of all, the series of lights will then flash in Morse code, which will lead to some riddles. The riddles will then lead to secrets on other maps. After more riddles wrapped in mysteries, which Jackfrags explains in the video, you’ll get your reward – a formerly DICE employee-exclusive camo pattern.

It goes without saying that this process will take lots of effort and time, but it is pretty amazing that the developers would put all this work into such an elaborate and complicated easter egg.




Written by Guest Contributor 7am