End the Year With A Look At Quantum Break Behind the Scenes

The team over at Remedy Games took to Instagram and Twitter this week to show us a behind the scenes look at the state of their Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break. On Instagram, the studio wishes us a happy new year, while also showing the time machine featured in the upcoming game. The strange device sits suspended over a glowing platform, date set to March 27, 1999. Alongside that, the team also report that they’re wrapping up the end of the year with some QA bug smashing, the last stage of video game creation before preparing it for launch.

In addition, game composer Petri Alanko posted some behind the scenes shots of his desk on Twitter, showing the kind of paperwork that comes with creating music for a video game. It’s worth note that some of the words in Alanko’s notes have been blurred, so if you dive in for a closer look be careful of any spoilers you might find. Quantum Break is slated for release this April 5th, 2016 only on Xbox One.











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