Enjoy the Water with This Wartortle Cosplay

Photography by Section 5

Wartortle is the first evolution of the starter pokémon Squirtle, evolving at level 16. A water type pokémon designed after turtles, Wartortle is battle ready. A fast swimmer, it uses its fur covered ears and tail to maintain balance. Often seen as a sign of longevity, a Wartortle’s tail deepens in color as it ages. Storing extra air in its fur, it can dive for extended periods, allowing it to stalk prey unseen. Being one of the original 151 Pokemon created, it has made a home in fans’ hearts for many years.

wartortle-cosplay-1Photography by Mineralblu Photography

One such fan is cosplayer Kitsune Kid. She takes her love of the turtle pokémon to the next level with her astounding Warrior Wartortle cosplay. With the bodice being designed like the underbelly of Wartortle’s shell, she has the furry ears dark blue patches on her cheeks. Multi-colored blue hair, brown turtle shells, blue gloves, and matching blue material for the tail completes the ensemble. Wielding a large sword with blue accents and a turtle shell shield, Kitsune Kid is ready to kick ass.

wartortle-cosplay-2Photography by m9 cosplay