Epic Everyday Cosplay: Get A Toxic Shock from Poison’s Style!

Let’s take a look at today’s toxic tantalizer: Poison from the epic gaming series Final Fight and Street Fighter. As one of Capcom’s most iconic fighting games, Street Fighter features playable characters with fighting styles all their own. Poison fights to keep herself in shape and has an acrobatic fighting style that specializes in flip kicks, whips and her signature move, Poison Kiss. As an orphan from Los Angeles, she tends to hang out with the Mad Gear Gang terrorizing Metro City and uses her ties to them to keep herself out of prison. She is also a good friend of Hugo and works as the manager of his wrestling career. Poison also has a palette-swap by the name of Roxy in the game Final Fight, a character that looks almost identical except for hair color. Poison’s style is undeniably hot with dominatrix accessories and barely-there attire, but beware of her venomous bite!




  1. River Island White Cami Crop Top

  2. Victoria’s Secret Cut-Off Denim Shorts

  3. PVC Leather Hat with Chain

  4. Long Straight Wig in Hot Pink

  5. Miss KG Red High Heel Court Shoes

  6. Black Leather Choker

  7. Mango Metal Chain Belt

  8. Smith & Wesson Model 100P Push-Pin Satin Nickel Handcuffs

  9. Wide Black Leather Cuff Bracelet

  10. Black Leather Riding Crop