Most EPIC Playstation 4 Holiday Buyer’s Guide


There is no doubt that this holiday season is a truly epic one, especially for all things next generation. With the recent release of the long awaited Xbox One and Playstation 4 comes a plethora of new games and accessories to drool over, and just in time for the holidays!

The Playstation 4 came out of the gate swinging and there is certainly no lack of amazing content and accessories that Sony and many other game developers have to offer. If you are one of the lucky ones that snagged a Playstation 4 already (or you just know you are getting one this holiday season), or you are looking to get a great gift for one of those lucky people, we have complied another great buyer’s guide just for you! Check out our EPIC Playstation 4 holiday buyer’s guide!

Battlefield 4


There is one thing players can expect from the Battlefield series, and that is that they either go big or go home. The game has had a few bumps along the way since its release, but man, there is no denying that it is one of the most realistic, action packed shooters to ever come out. In addition to the highly updated graphics, the game also boasts new modes, more customization abilities, and even better maps. While there are bugs with the multiplayer that need to be fixed and addressed, the game is still a fantastic play and any fan of the series will enjoy it.   Order Battlefield 4 on Amazon

Call of Duty: Ghosts


There is often a noticeable divide between fans of Battlefield and fans of Call of Duty. For some, it is one or the other that is the superior series. If you or your gift receiver are team CoD, then Call of Duty: Ghosts is right up your alley. The game does differ in some ways from previous installments, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The multiplayer has a ton of new features, including more realistic maps that can be altered and destroyed and the game now includes playable female soldiers. One of the advantages to owning the Playstation 4 copy is that it can run in 1080p native, unlike its Xbox One counterpart.  Order Call of Duty: Ghosts on Amazon

Need for Speed: Rivals


For now, the Playstation 4 has not had the good fortune of being graced with its own exclusive racing game (Gran Turismo 6 was only released on the Playstation 3), but that doesn’t mean that racing fans are being left high and dry. Need for Speed: Rivals is full of high speed action and a long line of elaborate and unique cars, channeling the popularity or mechanics of the Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit games. If running from the cops and street racing is where your gaming heart lies, then this is the game for you. Order Need for Speed Rivals on Amazon



No console would be complete without a really cool and quirky platformer, and Knack is just that. The main character, Knack, has the unique skill of being able to meld his body with things like metal and ice, and he only gets stronger with the more levels he conquers. The intensely challenging game play (something that seems to be lacking in some games these days) is frustrating in the best kind of way and is reminiscent of some of the retro games from way back when. It is one of the exclusive, must have games for any Playstation 4 owner. Order Knack on Amazon

Killzone: Shadow Fall


Most long time Sony fans will be excited to rip open Killzone: Shadow Fall, the newest of the popular Sony exclusive first person shooter series. The game is easily one of the best looking games on the Playstation 4 (or any next gen console for that matter) and the game play provides a much smoother and more realistic experience than all of its previous installments. At the very least, it is one of the best examples of how much next gen consoles can do and it isn’t one that you should miss!  Order Killzone: Shadow Fall on Amazon

NBA 2K14


Basketball games have certainly come a long way since the NBA Jams days, and NBA 2K14 doesn’t disappoint. It upholds the traditions long instilled in the series, and includes many new options for fans, such as new signature skills for certain players and a new “training mode” that helps players master the many new controls in the game. This game is an easy option for any basketball fan out there, and in addition to being a great basketball game, it also features a really kick ass soundtrack! Order NBA 2K14 on Amazon



Not only is soccer (or to most of the world, football) the most popular sport in the world, but it is also one of the most popular sports game genres in the world. FIFA 14 brings the beloved sport to the next generation of gaming with the most lifelike game play for the series yet. The game features the new Ignite Engine for the Playstation (and Xbox One) version that helps improve graphics and AI players, allowing them to have more realistic actions and movements. Get those theoretical cleats ready to face off with other players around the world and grab a copy!  Order FIFA 14 on Amazon

Madden 25


It seems the flow of Madden games are never ending, so of course there is one for the Playstation 4 already! Madden 25 (yes, 25!) brings the previously mentioned Ignite Engine and all its perks to the long time football (American style!) series. The game features updated graphics and improved real-time physics. It is a perfect choice of game to hold you over until the next Super Bowl Sunday is upon us!  Order Madden NFL 25 on Amazon

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag


Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag takes the formula of previous games in the series and throws in pirates and mayhem on the high seas. The game is a gem in the series that had been slowly diminishing in the eyes of fans with the previous two installments. The brilliant story is reason enough to pick up the game, but on top of that the game is gorgeous and whether you like going balls to the wall or slinking around in the shadows, it is a non-stop adventure through and through. Order Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag on Amazon

Playstation Plus


Without a doubt, Playstation Plus is something that will greatly expand the experience of a Playstation 4 owner. The subscription provides plenty of bonuses, like free online multiplayer, huge discounts on games in the Playstation Store (sometimes up to 75% off), and a selection of free games that vary month to month (Resogun and Contrast or some of the current awesome free titles). Players will get automatic updates and online game saves. Best of all it works across platforms, so you can use it for your Playstation 4, Playstation 3, and Playstation Vita, all at the same time. Plus, it makes a nifty stocking stuffer. Order PlayStation Plus on Amazon

Playstation Camera


The Playstation Camera is the perfect gift for any gamer that wants to connect with other games, all from their console. While not as powerful as the Kinect in this sense, the camera does enable facial recognition and voice recognition, but it isn’t listening to you during stand-by mode. The Playstation 4 Camera allows players to stream their game play and share it with their friends as well as allowing you to interact with them while streaming as well. The Playroom is basically the fun ‘games’ that comes with the camera, including a cool robo-pet, and it definitely provides lots of laughs for the whole family. It is a worthy investment for anyone who loves interacting with other games, whether it is in your own home, or through streaming. Order PlayStation 4 Camera on Amazon

Turtle Beach PX22


This decently priced headset (only $79.99) is the official Major League Gaming headset and is extremely versatile. It will work with just about every system imaginable, and considering there is not a huge variety in terms of Playstation 4 accessories (it did JUST launch, after all) it makes for a great starter headset. You don’t have to worry about charging it thanks to the USB powering, and has a fantastic microphone. Order the Turtle Beach PX22 on Amazon

Turtle Beach PX4 Wireless Headset


If you are looking for something a little bit fancier than the PX22, then the PX4 is the way to go. This headset is again universally usable, but it also has a few more features than the previously mentioned headset. This headset has a built in rechargeable battery that allows you to continue playing while it charges and allows for up to 15 hours of continuous game play, as well as dual pairing Bluetooth and Dolby Digital Surround Sound. It is the perfect headset for any marathon gamer. Order the Turtle Beach Ear Force PX4 on Amazon


The Playstation 4 had a great launch line up, both with games and accessories, so there is plenty of variety out there for those of you who have made the leap into the next generation of gaming. So go forth, my dear epic buyers, and gather up all of these Playstation 4 goodies for yourself or your favorite friend or loved one. Happy Holidays, guys.




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