Epic Rumor: Marvel Acquires Fantastic Four Film Rights

If the exclusive report from Den of Geek is to be believed, Marvel has gotten another of their most famous properties back in their own studio’s hands. After Fox’s newest Fantastic Four film failed both commercially and critically, the site’s sources claim that Fox and Marvel have concluded an ongoing negotiation in which the Fantastic Four film rights will return to Marvel Studios.

Fox’s boon out of this deal will be the television rights to the X-Men. Two TV series set in the X-Men universe titled Hellfire and Legion have already been announced.

So when might we expect a Fantastic Four film courtesy of Marvel? Supposedly, it’s going to be one of their recently announced, yet untitled 2020 releases. Given that Avengers Infinity War will arrive by 2018/19, and that it’s expected to irrevocably change the cast and dynamics of the MCU, the Fantastic Four could be a great new central cast of characters to carry the franchise forward.

Also,this way, Fox will at least have the chance to continue with new stories in the X-Men universe, which they’ve been reasonably successful in.

There’s been no official announcement yet, but this all looks at least probable to me. Fingers crossed!

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