Epic Sinbad Cosplay: High Queen of the Seven Seas


Magi is an Arabian themed manga and anime series. It follows the adventures of Aladdin and his travelling companions as they cross the deserts in search of treasure filled Dungeons to plunder and capture.

Sinbad is the King of Sindria, a country of his own founding after his travels across the seven great seas. He is an excellent Dungeon Capturer, having captured seven dungeons and obtaining the Dijinn, or Dungeon rulers, from the dungeons treasure rooms.


KiaraBerry Cosplay has taken a different approach to Sinbad and adapted his fantastic garb for the female form. Her creativity and skill is magnificently apparent in this epic cosplay. Combining the elements from Sinbad’s costume, along with KiaraBerry’s excellent construction skills, Fem-Sinbad has been brought to life! From real passion for a specific character, as KiaraBerry has for Sinbad, one can create amazing works of art and put their own creative spin to the character.


Photography by M&M Photogenic



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