Epic Video: Sneaky Zebra Presents A Dramatic Commander Shepard Reading!

The latest video coming from one of the most hilarious, ingenious, YouTube duos out there, Sneaky Zebra, reveals a rather dramatic reading of a Mass Effect song. The song, ‘Commander Shepard’, originally by Miracle Sound, is now sensationally read by none other than Mark Meer, himsef–the voice actor for the male Commander Shepard. The last time we saw Sneaky Zebra partner up with voice actor, Mark Meer, it was in another Mass Effect spoof video titled, ‘Commanding Voice’.

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In that episode we witnessed Mark Meer manipulatively weasel his way out of battle, and convince Gary to run out and battle an alien (with possession of a raygun) with a metal shovel. Needless to say, I think you know who won that fight. Thus, Commander Shepard became nothing more than a ‘commanding voice’. Watch this rendition of Commander Shepard, as Mark Meer reads you the lyrics next to the fireplace, in a large chair, with a serious brow, and a dramatic tone–one of the biggest cliches you’ll ever witness.




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