Everyday Epic Cosplay: Mean Girls Jingle Bell Rock Inspired Ensemble

JINGLE BELL ROCK. Okay, this is one of the best Christmas scenes in a movie, so fetch. I adore Mean Girls. This is more of a Mean Girls Christmas scene outfit tutorial. Everything you need is on this page. You can pick up the faux fur from any craft store or order it online at Joann Fabrics. Get your handy glue gun and get ready to do some gluing! Trim the top of the tank and the bottom of the skirt to get a final Mean Girls ready Christmas outfit that even Regina would approve of. Get in the middle of that Christmas party dance floor and bust out your sweetest Jingle Bell Rock dance moves and have everyone at the party jealous of how cool you are. Really. You will probably get a promotion.

Mean Girl's ATC

BKE sequin top

Skater skirt

Grey boots


White House Black Market black belt





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