Evolve Adds New Fully Realized Co-Op Mode

Turtle Rock has announced that Evolve would be getting a much better co-op mode. While Evolve has allowed players to team up against the AI, it was never a full blown co-op experience. Starting today though, Evolve will be receive full co-op operations that are different from the usual 4v1 game mode.

The new co-op mode is a “linear four-player co-op experience built within the Evolve universe” that offers a different experience form the traditional 4v1 game mode. The new co-op operation is called The Deepest Dark and is in beta starting today.

Currently, the mode is accessible as a map variant in the Co-op vs. AI menu. However, Turtle Rock has stated that this is much more than just a map variant. The developer stated “potentially the seed from which more co-op vs. AI ops (or maybe even a campaign of ops) could grow from.”

“At the start of the operation, the Hunters are greeted by an ominous voice setting the scene and alluding to the events that have led to the Queen of Gorgons taking over a Wraith containment facility and the surrounding area,” the press release said. “As the team makes their way to the Queen’s lair, they’ll face hordes of infected wildlife and Gorgon minions that spawn from the Queen’s eggs. Can the Hunters survive and take down the Queen of Gorgons to uncover why she’s on Shear?”

The developers have stated that like Evolve: Stage 2, this co-op mode is an experiment and they want to see how players respond to it. Evolve: Stage 2, is out now as a free to play title on the PC.





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