Fallout: New Vegas Almost Took Notes from a Cheesy Romance Novel

Well, sort of. You know those trashy, totally ridiculous romance novels that often have Fabio on the cover? Imagine that a romance story like that has to offer and put it in the setting of Fallout: New Vegas. While it might seem like a joke — a horrible, horrible joke, sources say that Fallout: New Vegas almost had a pretty terrible, and funny, romance arch. Josh Sawyer, who was a lead designer for New Vegas and still works for Obsidian, commented on one story draft that almost ended up in the title.

“We actually had some ideas for characters that would… like in one story draft we had, Cass would get drunk with the protagonist and then would wake up with The King having married them at The King’s School of Impersonation,” Sawyer started. “That seemed very Vegas, but we were also like, that’s kind of a complicated series of events, so we decided not to do it. But it’s also in the vein of the Fallout 2 more humorous romance, rather than in-depth and serious. It’ll be interesting to see how Bethesda approaches that in Fallout 4.”

Fallout 4, however, will be the first title within the series to have fleshed out romances — Bethesda hopefully going in a more serious route. Though Sawyer commented on more than just the romance that almost happened in New Vegas and spoke on what he finds interesting about Fallout 4. Sawyer did admit that he hasn’t played Fallout 4 yet and has “only seen what everyone else has seen” but as an RPG fan he’s looking forward to what the title might bring forth.  “The thing that most surprised me was hearing a voiced protagonist, because that’s never been a part of Fallout, really,” he said. “I’m also interested in how they’re going do choice and consequence and how the story’s going to flow.”

The lead designer also spoke on whether or not Bethesda and Obsidian would be collaborating in the future. “Working with the Bethesda developers was really cool, they were very supportive with what we did and their technology actually made it very easy, relatively easy, to make the game. I mean, we made it in 18 months, which is kind of crazy if you think about it,” Sawyer said. “I’d certainly like to work on another Fallout game in the future, but…” But Bethesda really is who decides the future of Fallout and who might be working on it.

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Source: PC Gamer




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