Final Fantasy XV Director Says Game Is Heavily Influenced By VII, Ending Will Be Emotional

When it comes to sad moments in gaming, the death of Final Fantasy VII character Aerith is one that is often mentioned, and for good reason, as the her senseless death at the hands of the villain Sephiroth hit many a gamer when they played the game, and lead to many a teary eyed moment for many. It’s this kind of emotional reaction that Final Fantasy XV Director Hajime Tabata is hoping to aim for with the game’s ending.

In an interview with Game Informer in the upcoming April digital issue (which was discovered by GameSpot), Tabata said that he was really hoping that the ending to the game would really tug at players heart strings, as respect for player’s time. ““I want to create a very emotional ending to the game and want to make as many people cry as possible,” he said. “You’re spending so many hours playing the game, so when I finish a game and it ends on a sour note and it doesn’t move me, it gets me disappointed. At least make me cry or give me some emotion! I want to give a moving ending for the consumers who invest so much time.”

Tabata also explained that when it came to the game’s story, Final Fantasy VII played a part as well, with Square Enix hoping Final Fantasy XV excels past that game. “There are some team members that were here for VII,” he explained. “They’re taking on the challenge of trying to exceed that title once more, which is a great motivator for them. VII sets a very high goal for us, but it serves as a good goal. It brought in new audiences, sales, and more.”

No official release date has been revealed for Final Fantasy XV, though there is going to be an event in Los Angeles on March 30th where more details will be revealed. However, it is currently in development for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.