Final Fantasy XV Is Getting A Season Pass, Here’s What’s In It

According to recent listings on the North American and Japanese PlayStation Store, Final Fantasy XV will get its own season pass. The season pass for Square Enix’s upcoming ARPG will include new episodic, story-based missions and more.

According to the listing, the pre-orders for Final Fantasy XV’s Digital Premium Edition is going for $84.99. Those who purchase the Digital Premium Edition will receive the base game, as well as the Season Pass. Currently, it is unaware how much the Season Pass alone will be, however,  those who already have already pre-ordered the game, but are interested in obtaining the Season Pass will have a “special deal” upgrade option available to them.

What players can expect in the Season Pass has been added to the PlayStation Store. According to the translation made by Gematsu, here’s what Season Pass holders will receive 6 add-ons to their game which you can find below:

  • Booster Pack (DLC #1)
  • Episode Gladiolus (DLC #2)
  • Holiday Pack (DLC #3)
  • Episode Ignis (DLC #4)
  • Episode Prompto (DLC #5)
  • Expansion Pack (DLC #6)

Although not much is known about what exactly these DLC packs will include, it can be inferred that players will get three story-related episodes. In addition, there could possibly be two filler DLCs, and one final expansion pack to add onto the adventure.

Final Fantasy XV is set to launch on September 30th. The game will be available on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.






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