Final Fantasy XV PC Tech Test Shown At GDC

An experimental test showing Final Fantasy XV running on the recently announced GTX 1080 Ti is being demoed at GDC. Despite this, Square Enix has yet to announce a PC release date, or if there is even going to be a PC version.

According to director Hajime Tabata (via PCGamesN), the Final Fantasy XV has been performing a series of tech tests. The team has primarily been testing  with the Nvidia Gameworks team to test the power of its Luminous Studio Pro engine.

The demo shows off quite a few cool effects. It primarily showcases Nvidia’s TurfEffects tech and fluids tech, which allows for realistic gas, liquid and flame effects.

However, this demo doesn’t mean Final Fantasy XV will be coming to PC. When asked if this demo meant that Final Fantasy XV is coming to PC, Tabata simply replied with a “no comment.” Well, at least it isn’t a no.

A PC version of Final Fantasy XV has been mentioned several times now. Previously, Tabata stated that he’d like to bring the game to PC with a number of unique features such as custom quests and mod support.

Final Fantasy XV is out now for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.






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