Final Fantasy XV Shows How Great Chocobos Are In Latest Trailer

Final Fantasy XV’s latest gameplay trailer shows off everyone’s favorite bird, the Chocobo. While the Chocobo are are very useful for traversing the terrain, the trailer also does a great job of showing that they can also handle themselves in a fight.

The trailer shows Noctis, Gladiolus, Ignis, and Prompto riding Chocobos across the game world. It also shows off what they can do in combat by showing them battling a few enemies. While the Chocobo are certainly fun, the best part of the trailer is just how big and beautiful the world looks. The desert looks hot and interesting and seems to have plenty of variety from small pools of water to large rock formations.

The difference between night and day is very well done and the sunrise and sunset looks absolutely gorgeous. The Chocobo would be pointless if the world wasn’t interesting or fun to explore, but the world is already looking to be one worth exploring.

Final Fantasy XV is set to release September 20th for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.







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