Fire Emblem Warriors Gets A New Trailer, Coming To The New Nintendo 3DS

During Nintendo’s Switch presentation, it was revealed that we would be getting Fire Emblem Warriors, a new Musou game made by the same team that did the excellent Hyrule Warriors. During today’s Fire Emblem themed Direct, a new trailer and some new details about the game were revealed.

The trailer didn’t really show much other than a few seconds of gameplay. However, we did get learn that the Switch isn’t the only console the game is coming to, as the game is also being developed for the New 3DS line of handhelds. Even better is the fact that both versions will release this year, specifically in the fall, so if you have one or the other, you don’t have to pick and choose which one to get.

Fire Emblem Warriors will release in the Fall of this year, for the Nintendo Switch and New Nintendo 3DS. We don’t know much about the game, but it’s safe to assume we’ll know more at this year’s E3.





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