First Trailer for Robert Egger’s The Witch

After making quite a few waves at Sundance this year, general audiences finally have their first glimpse of Robert Egger’s The Witch. The premise isn’t especially original territory for horror, a 17th century colonial devout family leaves their plantation to try and establish their own sustainable plot at the edge of a supposedly haunted wood.

You could imagine what goes down from there. Goats producing blood instead of milk, mysteriously abducted babies, accusations of the young pubescent girl in the family because women, amirite?

Before I get too carried away, the Witch does look genuinely disturbing. Eggers does a fine job keeping us on the edge of our seat and genuinely unnerved while showing us next to nothing about the Witch and only brief glimpses of the hauntings. There are several uneasy shots that are subtly off but not meant to be jump scares.

And hey, look at that! Kate Dickie (Lysa Arryn) is in the movie! Anya Taylor-Joy plays the young girl in the family and she seems to be the protagonist.

So this guy is going to remake Nosferatu huh? I’ll see what I think after I see The Witch. It’s headed to the Toronto Film Festival next before any wider theatrical release. Check out the trailer for yourself below!








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