Footage and Screenshots of Cancelled Jurassic World Game Surface

I liked Jurassic World. Sure it wasn’t as good as the original Jurassic Park nor was it as good as other summer blockbusters like Mad Max: Fury Road (though to be fair, most movies were pretty meh when compared to Mad Max), but it was still an enjoyable movie that captured the spirit of the original, and was way better than Lost World and III. But according to some Reddit and NeoGAF users, the Jurassic World movie wasn’t the only piece of media that was set for release this year, as there were also plans for a Jurassic World video game as well.

Though the game has been cancelled, over on NeoGAF, various models and screenshots (which you can check out below) of what could have been have been released, and show off a T-Rex biting at something, and a Raptor and a Chris Pratt look alike running. The game was in development by Cryptic Studios Seattle (which has since unfortunately shut down), the game would have been a a digital only game available for download on PSN, XBL, and Steam, and would have used the Unreal Engine 4.

Despite being cancelled, Universal is supposedly still hoping to get a Jurassic World game made, so fingers crossed on this happening soon. However, assuming you’re reading this Universal, might I suggest maybe giving Platinum Games a call and have them work on it? Maybe?