Future Diary, Present Cosplay: Yuno Gasai

Halloween is one of the most creative times of the year. It is a time where people all across the world cosplay as their own favorite characters from the likings of video games, anime, movies, etc,. It is a time where everyone can be a cosplayer and get free candy for it! But there is a variety of people who tend to celebrate Halloween all year around in the form of Cosplay. There is more cosplay than you can imagine here in this world, and here we have a Cosplayer under the name of Soso Chan, cosplaying as Yuno Gasai from the anime Future Diary.


Yuno Gasai is a sweet girl. She is usually polite and girly, and especially happy but shy when she is around Yukiteru Amano. Yukiteru, or Yuki, has been Yuno Gasai’s favorite person after he became her main focus to live. When Yuki and Yuno were kids, Yuki told her that he was going to marry her one day, and after that point, Yuno’s obsession with Yuki grew. That’s when she obtained Yuki’s Future Diary. The future diary was able to sum up Yuki’s feelings and future dangers in under ten minutes. His Future Diary, now in Yuno’s hands, would help her protect him from all evil. She made sure to protect him, for if she didn’t then she would be destroyed as well. But, beyond her sweetness and love for Yuki, there was a cold, ruthless side to her. That side will do anything to protect Yuki and herself as well.

Cosplayer Soso Chan portrays Yuno’s sweet look in her cosplay as well as a little sneak peak of Yuno’s dark side with the blood. In this cosplay, her costume is a school uniform that Yuno wears in “Future Diary.” And, she holds Yuno’s phone, in which she uses quite often. She also carries a knife, which is a great example of Yuno’s blade throwing skills. And, in Soso’s setting, she has a sort of worn down place, which is a helpful way to show the aftermath of the survival games which take place in “Future Diary,” where other diary users come to destroy Yuno and Yuki.


This cosplay is a perfect example of Yuno’s personality. Soso gives off that sweet girl look that Yuno has and gives a hint of mystery in the blood on her costume. It is also a great example of a characters personality. When you have a character that you are going to cosplay, you should always research more into the character and research more of the characters personality and body motions. This way you can go beyond the costume and look of the character and actually become the character. With these skills your future cosplay will be as sweet as Yuno.



Written by Guest Contributor: jessicavelocity




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