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“Game of Thrones” Season 3, Episode 4 “And Now His Watch Is Ended” Review

This week’s episode of “Game of Thrones” throws us right back in the action of where we left off last time. Locke continues to keep Jaime Lannister and Brienne captive, but not without further torturing Jaime. Jaime’s severed hand is tied around his neck as he is barely conscious and bound to his horse. When he falls off of his horse, Jaime asks for water and Locke’s men pour water over Jaime’s head and Locke proceeds to give Jaime horse urine. Humiliated, Jaime steals a sword and tries to fight Locke’s men with his left hand. Brienne gets off of her horse to help Jaime, but she is tied up as well and cannot help. Locke and his men defeat Jaime, and Locke tells Jaime if he resists anymore he will lose his left hand as well.

Later, Brienne encourages Jaime to eat so he can survive and get his revenge. Completely discouraged, Jaime tells Brienne he is nothing without his fighting hand, thus he will likely never get revenge. Brienne reveals that she knows what Jaime told Locke to stop the men from raping her; the Sapphire Islands do not have sapphires on them, but are called sapphire because of the blue water surrounding the islands. When Jaime doesn’t say a word, she questions why he helped her. Brienne is clearly trying to give Jaime some ounce of credit and valor. She sees that Jaime is a good, strong person who values honor and cares for people. She is trying to encourage him to see past his fighting capabilities and see himself as more than a solider.

In King’s Landing, Tyrion visits Varys to inquire about sister’s intensions against him during the Battle of Blackwater. Tyrion suspects Cersei planned to have Tyrion killed, but Varys says he only had whispers against Cersei and has no concrete evidence. In his most humbling story to date, Varys recalls when a sorcerer in Myr made him a eunuch. He explains that to this date he does not have dreams about the pain or humiliation of the procedure, but of the demons in the fire the sorcerer created during the castration. Due to his past experience, Varys tells Tyrion that he hates magic and those who practice magic, and thus he helped the Lannisters fight against Stannis and his Red priestess, Melisandre. The scene ends with Varys revealing to Tyrion an old man bound in a box; this old man is the sorcerer who tortured Varys and made him a eunuch years ago. Varys explains that in order to get true revenge, one must be patient.

Varys’ recalling of his past was uncomfortable to listen to and really showed how much this man has been through to get where he is in King’s Landing. Varys is easily one of the most intriguing characters on “Game of Thrones”, but up until this scene we really did not know him well. It’s safe to say Tyrion has found a true ally in Varys and we hope they continue to work together as they play the game.

Meanwhile, the men of the Night’s Watch are still at Craster’s Keep. It appears that food is limited at Craster’s, and the men discuss what they should do as they slowly starve. Rast tells Grenn and Dolorus Edd if they want to live they need to look after themselves; Craster is not going to help them.

Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 4 Varys and Lady Olenna

Back in King’s Landing, Varys meets with Ros to discuss Sansa Stark. Varys wants to know whether Littlefinger has visited Sansa or is still interested in her. Ros tells Varys that she does not think Littlefinger has visited Sansa, but he is still interested in her. Ros betrays her employer and shows Varys the cargo request for the voyage to the Eyrie that Littlefinger is planning to take. There is a request for two feather beds and Varys and Ros assume one is for Sansa. Varys takes this information and visits the Queen of Thorns, Lady Olenna, to introduce himself. Lady Olenna has no patience for Varys’ formalities and wants him to get straight to the point of his visit. Varys reveals that he believes Littlefinger wants to marry Sansa in order to take control of the North should Robb Stark die in the war; since Sansa is the second oldest Stark siblings, the control of the North would be hers. Varys explains to Lady Olenna that Littlefinger is a dangerous man who would do anything to get what he wants. Lady Olenna receives this information with gratitude, and the two of them plot to have Sansa marry someone more beneficial to the both of them.

Meanwhile, Margaery Tyrell visits Sansa. The two girls laugh and tell stories as they walk the grounds of the castle. Margaery explains that she wants to become good friends with Sansa and that Sansa needs to come visit her hometown, Highgarden. Sansa tells Margaery Ceresei will not let Sansa leave King’s Landing, but Margaery explains she will be queen soon and she will allow it. Margaery also proposes that Sansa marry her brother so that she may move to Highgarden and the two girls can become sisters; it becomes clear at this point that this is the plot that Varys and Lady Olenna concocted, and Sansa seems thrilled by the prospects. The Tyrells are an incredibly rich and powerful family second only to the Lannisters; if they were to have Sansa on their side, their power combined with the influence of the North would defeat the Lannisters and likely put them in control of the Seven Kingdoms.

Somewhere in the North, Theon and the servant boy are traveling throughout the woods to meet Theon’s sister. Theon tells the boy Ned Stark would never allow Theon to be a true Stark, and that his father gave him a choice between the Iron Born and the Starks. As he projects his thoughts out loud, one cannot feel sorry for Theon as he is clearly a troubled soul. He admits to the boy that he did not kill Brann and Rickon Stark but rather had two farm boys killed and burned to look like the Stark boys in order to keep Winterfell in his control. The boy tells Theon his father would still be proud of him for taking Winterfell, and Theon says his real father lost his head at King’s Landing. As Theon is talking, the boy leads Theon into a fortress and an underground chamber; the chamber turns out to be the same one he was held prisoner in earlier. As Theon is tied up to the racks again, the boy laughs at him

At Craster’s Keep, the men stand over a funeral pyre as they pay their respects to one of their own that died from starvation. Back in his home, Craster tells the Lord Commander he wants his men to leave. The Lord Commander says he will leave once his wounded are strong enough, but Craster thinks the Lord Commander should kill the wounded so they are not held back. As they are talking, one of the Night’s Watch men accuses Craster of keeping food hidden from their men and calls Craster a bastard. Craster becomes infuriated and nearly starts a fight, but stops before things get too heated. When the man calls Caster a bastard again, Craster charges him, but the man stabs Craster and kills him. Panic ensues and Rast stabs the Lord Commander from behind. The Lord Commander dies as he watches men fall all around him. Sam flees the Keep and finds Gilly. The two of them run away into the forest with Gilly’s baby boy.

In the midlands, Arya and Gendry are still with the Brothers Without Banners. They are blindfolded and being taken to an unknown location. When their blindfolds are lifted, they find themselves in a secret cave when the Brotherhood’s leader, Beric Dondarrion, comes forward. The Hound is there as well and the two men debate over the Hound’s crimes. The Hound insists he is not like his brother, Gregor Clegane, has never murdered anyone, and Beric almost believes him until Arya tells the men the Hound murdered her friend Micah. When the Hound does not deny this, Beric charges the Hound with murder and gives him a trial by combat. Beric volunteers to fight against the Hound in the trial.

GoT Season 3 Episode 4 Daenerys

Lastly, we find Daenerys in Astopor getting ready to pay for her new army. She brings her dragon to the Slave trader, Kraznys mo Nakloz, and in exchange given the whip that symbolizes the control of the Unsullied. Daenerys surprises everyone by suddenly addressing the Unsullied in Valarian, the language of Astopor, and commands her new army to kill all of the slave masters and free any slaves they see. Chaos erupts as the Unsullied do as they are told and murder all of the slave masters around them. When Kraznys panics and cannot control his new dragon, Daenerys commands the dragon to burn him.

Once the smoke settles after the fight, Daenaerys rides amongst the Unsullied and tells them they are all free and no longer slaves. She then proceeds to ask if they will fight along side her as free men; they all agree. The episode ends with Daenerys’ army marching out of Astopor while her dragons fly freely above them. Daerys was clearly troubled by using a slave army to win the Iron Throne, but by releasing the Unsullied from slavery and showing how powerful and confident she is, she now has an amry of free men dedicated to helping her win control of Westeros.

I didn’t think “Game of Thrones” could beat last week’s ending, but the final scenes with Daenerys were some of the best we have watched thus far this season. Finally Daenerys is living up to her famous name and looks to be nearly ready to march on Westeros. She is quickly learning how to play the Game of Thrones and will eventually be a force to reckon with if she ever gets to Westeros. This episode also highlighted one of the masters of this game, Varys. The eunuch is clearly one of the smartest men in Westeros and a champion for those he favors. Sansa is fortunate to have him and the Tyrells looking out for her and hopefully she will have some happiness in her life; however in this show it seems no one gets what they truly want in the end.


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