Game of Thrones Cosplay Week Day Three: The Seductive Red Woman, Melisandre

This week we have been providing you all with some epic cosplays of our favorite Game of Thrones characters as we anxiously await for Sunday’s premiere of Season 4. On Monday, we showcased a stunning Daenerys Targaryen cosplay, followed by a Cersei Lannister cosplay compilation on Tuesday, and today, we will be showcasing the beautiful, yet sinister, Melisandre.

Melisandre, also known as the Red Woman, is known for her long, fire red hair and flowing red dresses. Aside from her appearance, she is known for her cruelty and aspirations of fulfilling God’s orders that she sees through the flames. Believing that the brother of the king, Renley Baratheon, should be the man rightfully seated on the Iron Throne, she sets off for a battle through the Seven Kings, with an intention to slay anyone that crosses her path.

These cosplays of Melisandre perfect the Red Woman’s crimson attire and hellishly sexy personality. Gaze at them in awe, and be sure to come back to All That’s Epic tomorrow as we will give you even more Game of Thrones cosplays!


Cosplayer: ThelemaTherion

Cosplayer: Green-Makakas

Cosplayer: etaru

Cosplayer: CalamityJade

Cosplayer: ContagiousCostuming

Cosplayer: 3direwolfmoon

Cosplayer: HeatherCosplay



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