Gaming Cosplay Thursday: A Guild Wars 2 Cosplay That Will Cause Your Jaw to Drop


Massive multiplayer online roleplaying titles are quite the rage, and paired with five formerly dormant dragons who have decided to stir up trouble it’s no wonder that AreaNet’s Guild Wars 2 has only increased in popularity since its release in 2012. Taking place in Tyria two hundred and fifty years after the defeat of the Great Destroyer, gamers must combat against the damage five elder dragons have begun to cause, as well as go up against corrupted Tyra citizens who have been overtaken by said dragons.


In order to fight off such a strong foe, one might need armor that will hold up against the cause, for some gamers only one type of armor comes to mind: Orrian Armor. Orrian Armor can be obtained from Commander Hetja in Fort Marriner, and is only obtainable for those who have reached level 80 – sorry to anyone with a low level that might have been hopeful. The Orrian Heavy Armor almost seems to parallel dragon scales, layering in certain areas and spiking out in others that make it suitable for optimal protection.


As it takes a certain skill to obtain the armor within Guild Wars 2, it also takes a certain skill to craft said armor for a cosplay. Cosplayer Enayla has that skill and has appeared to perfect it in ways that will cause one to marvel at her cosplay. It’s fine, you can ooh and aah at Enayla’s cosplay of the armor, we sure have! That’s why we’ve picked her to feature and throw a few tokens her way in order to celebrate a job well done.


Photography by JwaiDesign



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