Gaming Cosplay Thursday: These Awesome Jinx Cosplays Make Everybody Panic!

League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena PC game. There are different modes that players can choose to play, the most common being Classic. Classic mode has 2 teams of players and multiple lanes. Each lane has turrets and an inhibitor for each team. Once a team destroys the enemy team’s turrets and inhibitor(s), they head toward the base which has the Nexus guarded by more turrets. In order to win the game, a team must destroy the Nexus on the enemy’s base. Throughout the game, each team spawns minions (non-player characters) that help them. The players each control a champion that has different spells and abilities.

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One of the funnest champions to play is Jinx. She’s troublesome, crazy, and she enjoys wreaking havoc. Each of these awesome cosplays portray her perfectly. We couldn’t pick just one! We love everything from her crazy outfit, to her crazy weapons, to her quirky smirk. And these ladies are on point with their costumes, poses, and locations. But most importantly, they all look great with blue braids.

jinx-cosplay-1Cosplayer: Akino Ame

Cosplayer: AllyZombieFace

Cosplayer: ThaysDarte

Cosplayer: KeiSScene

Cosplayer: Jenna; Photographer: Marcus Ball

Cosplayer: MarieEvans; Photographer: Eva

Cosplayer: SilentCircus; Photographer: Blur

Written by Guest Contributor: WonderflexWoman
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