Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Developers Talk about Art Direction

The Coalition has released a video diary for Gears of War: Ultimate Edition detailing how they went about the process of preserving the original visual tone of the dark, post-apocalyptic game. When Gears of War came out, nearly a decade ago, they executed a bleak and heavy world unlike other traditional sci-fi settings. Director of Art, Chris Perna explains, “We wanted to the world to have weight, not this clean light kind of froofy sci-fi. We kind of came up with this theme, ‘destroyed beauty’ with the environments and that made them feel heavy and almost burdened with the elements of time and war.”

The Coalition has done an excellent job of keeping the “destroyed beauty” theme as the video shows the differences between the decade-old game and shots of the new game. Ayan Hanbeck, studio associate art director, stated that, “You get a really nice sort of gritty feel, which is what we wanted to amplify.”

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition will be available on August 25, exclusively on Xbox One. Check out the discussion in the video below.




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