Get Duffed With This Epic Duff Girl Cosplay!

Photography by AnimazeGuy-photosNXS

Could she be Duffman’s mysterious and estranged daughter that we have yet to see in the Simpons, or is she Duffman’s future replacement? Either way, you have to admit that Constantine In Tokyo looks like she is ready to get Duffed with her epic fans! Oh yeah! She has definitely created more awareness for Duff by exhibiting epic levels of hotness in her red, white, and blue Duff attire.

Photography by SGH PhotoArt

We absolutely love when cosplayers create such fun and memorable characters to share with the world. Many of you may have experienced your fair share of waiting in a long line or two in order to get into that once in a life time panel—those long hours of sitting, standing, and sleeping can be excruciating. You are forced to spend hours trying to find ways to stay entertained while you anxiously while hoping that you get into your panel. One of the many things you may have found to do was a little “cosplay watching”, and many of you may agree that when an enthusiastic and entertaining character walks by, it can certainly be a nice breath of fresh air after watching multiple versions of the same characters walk by.

Photography by JwaiDesign Photography

Constantine In Tokyo has crafted some epic cosplays that have surely been unique and amazing. Her Duff Girl cosplay certainly makes us want to nominate her for the cover of the 2014 Duff Calendar! Duffman is known for revitalizing Springfield with his sly words of party wisdom and his unusual ability to make a beer can utility belt seem slightly fashionable and cool. However, we have to admit that Constantine In Tokyo certainly makes the belt seem exceptionally epic and completely intoxicating. Oh yeah!

Photography by AnimazeGuy-photosNXS


View more of Constantine’s amazing cosplay work at her Facebook and Twitter pages!



 Written by Guest Contributor: Domoshimi


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