Get Nostalgic with this Amazing Kim Possible Cosplay

kim-possible-cosplay-1Photography by CosplayRewind

Chances are, upon seeing these images and reading the title, the theme song to Kim Possible immediately popped into your head.  Kim Possible was a classic Disney Channel cartoon that featured Kim Possible herself along with her best friend, Ron Stoppable, and his tiny rodent companion, Rufus, as they fought against crime.  Every episode of Kim Possible was filled with action along with silly banter between the unlikely group of friends.  Kim Possible was one of Disney Channel’s greatest, and is sure to stay in the minds and hearts of those of its generation for years to come.

kim-possible-cosplay-2Photography by WWCosplay Photo

Cosplayer Danielle Beaulieu decided to show her love for this classic Disney cartoon character with her Kim Possible cosplay that is truly remarkable.  It is insane how similar Danielle looks to Kim, with her perfectly styled orange wig, black crop top, and baggy-fit beige pants.  This cosplay is simply amazing, and is a great homage to the epic Disney character that we know and love.

kim-possible-cosplay-3Photography by Jaycee Estrella Photography 



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