Get Schooled by this Creative Ahri Cosplay

Ahri was once a fox. A fox that yearned to be human. Drawing on the magic from her habitat, she turned into a human one day when she stumbled onto a group of people. One of the humans, nearly dead, became her first victim. Drawing out his soul and absorbing it, she transformed, gaining the female figure. Needing to suck souls with her orb to maintain herself, she developed a human conscious. Trading her fighting skills in the League of Legends in exchange for a way to maintain her humanity without soul sucking, she is now a fan favorite.


Cosplay Love Pro gets creative in her representation of League of Legends’ nine-tailed fox champion. Taking inspiration from the school girl theme, this Ahri looks like she just finished classes before heading to Summoner’s Rift. A navy blue pleated skirt matches her long, shining hair. A tied button up white shirt shows off her midriff, serving as perfect distraction for her opponents. Black stockings and adorable fuzzy black ears finish off the cosplay. Cosplay Love Pro not only shows off her creativity but she makes the perfect School Girl Ahri.


Photography by Stephane Laroche






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