Grand Theft Auto Online Celebrated Friday the 13th with a Weekend Event

Rockstar is celebrating Friday the 13th in Grand Theft Auto Online by holding a special weekend-long event. Players will be rewarded with double RP and GTA$ in game. This will be the last weekend that you will be able to get the exclusive Vinewood Horror movie T-shirt unlocks and the GTA online Halloween surprise cars and masks.

Players will be able to get their double RP and GTA$ by playing the new “Slasher” Adversary Mode. The new mode will be available to play in GTA Online even after the Halloween Surprise period which will be ending this Monday. The playlist features the two Slasher Jobs along with other Adversary Modes like “Siege Mentality” and “Hunting Pack.”

To top it all off, the exclusive collectible Vinewood Horror movie T-shirt designs are free for logging in each day of the weekend. You will have to log in each day to get all three designs consisting of The Simian, Vampire On The Beach, and Splatter and Shot T-shirt designs.





Written by Guest Contributor: 7am



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