Halo: Reach Not Running So Well On Xbox One

After adding some much-coveted backwards compatibility, some of our favorite Xbox 360 games have made it over to the Xbox One, but of course with a newly added feature this big, there is sure to be some problems; Halo: Reach was recently announced as a backwards compatible title for the Xbox One, but players are reporting that the current frame rate for the game is horrible.

Many players have vocally voiced their outrage at the framerate issue and have called the game “unplayable. The gameplay has been reported as to feel very jerky and has gone as far as to mess with the aiming of players. The frame rate seems to drop down to as low as 10fps, when there are multiple enemies on the screen.

Microsoft has since told Kotaku that they are aware of the problem and will be remedying it shortly. “We’re aware some users are experiencing issues playing Halo: Reach via Xbox One Backward Compatibility. The Xbox engineering team is currently looking into the issues and are working to address them.”




Written by Guest Contributor 7am




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