Halo Wars 2 Has Been Improved Since the First Beta

Halo Wars 2 is set to have another beta next year, after the first one took place earlier this year. 343 Industries and The Creative Assembly have revealed some of the things that they changed after the first beta’s conclusion.

The list of changes was not complete, but those included were discussed in detail. For instance, the population cap, which was “purposely lower” in the beta than what was planned for launch, has been raised and may be “increase[d] further for the final game.” That’s good news, but they didn’t say exactly how much it’s gone up.

Also tweaked are the controls, with “a number of adjustments” being made to “make it faster and easier to engage the actions players want to take.” Additionally, the developers are “investigating multiple controller configurations,” though nothing is being promised on that front yet. Leader Powers are also being improved upon, so that they’re “more straightforward, easier to use, and understandable as to how the powers are evolving.” Finally, changes are being made to resources. 343 strategy game boss Dan Ayoub said in a blog post:

“[W]e heard loud and clear that costs seem too high, and players were forced to have Supply Depots and Reactors occupy a high number of build slots,” he said. “As a result, we are changing the costs to scale with the stage of the game. For example, in the early stages, with lower power units, you will mostly focus on Supplies. As you progress to the more advanced stages, Power will become more of a factor, and you’ll need to start planning an approach to resource buildings. The goal here is to facilitate management of resources early in the game while giving the players choice about how to grow their armies.”

Ayoub describes all of this as “just a subset of the high level changes” being made based on player feedback. He also indicated that the two modes in the beta weren’t telling of everything Halo Wars 2 has to offer; there will also be “modes that run from hours of play [and] modes you can play in as little as 5 minutes.”

Ayoub also reiterated that another beta is on the way in “early 2017.” Unlike the first beta though, the second one will be available for both Xbox One and PC. Halo Wars 2 will launch on February 21, 2017. It will be an Xbox Play Anywhere game, allowing gamers to buy a digital copy on Xbox One or PC and receive accesss on both platforms.








Written By Guest Contributor Matt Lowe

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