Hannibal Season 1 Episode 2 "Amuse Bouche"

“Hannibal” Season 1, Episode 2 Review: “Amuse-Bouche”

I have to hand it to “Hannibal”. In my many years watching horror films and generally twisted types of films and television shows, I have never seen people “killed” in the way that happened on last night’s episode.

While we don’t want to spoil anything from the new episode, there may be some minor spoilers for the pilot from here on out. Be WARNED!

It is amazing how well “Hannibal” is doing in just two episodes time. It has successfully established our key players, has set up some interesting plot lines, and the show is really going to benefit from its short 13 episode season. Really, “Hannibal” has almost no filler in it’s episodes. This time around we find Graham investigating a mushroom-themed murder. Nightmares of killing Hobbs are getting to Graham, and the scenes where he discusses them privately with Dr. Lecter are masterfully done.

I have to hand it to Dancy and Mikkelsen for bringing such a dynamic chemistry to these characters. Dialogue-heavy scenes like this normally run the risk of going too long, but in “Hannibal” it is actually the opposite. The two men dance around each other psychologically, trying to figure the other man out.

One thing that comes to mind is how close this adaptation is going to play to what we know from the films and books. Some things have already been changed, though they are fairly subtle. What will be most interesting to see is when the revelation of Lecter’s nature will come about. To be honest, I don’t want the show to end up being some long drive to Graham capturing Lecter. The change in dynamic could be amazing in a couple of seasons (granted the show makes it that long).

This is all getting a bit ahead of the game. As Graham investigates this new murder, a tabloid reporter named Freddie Lounds starts to complicate things. It’s obvious her character is going to be around frequently, so we will see what she brings to the table.

One thing that I like being carried over from the pilot is Abigail. Graham feels a certain responsibility towards Abigail having saved her life. It seems that Abigail is going to play some sort of bigger role later on, and it is hinted at during the episode.

Graham is still doing his murder reconstructions and, actually, they are getting less annoying. His dreams to be incredibly discombobulating as this show does a nice job of combining strange images with some of the best eerie sound effects ever heard on a television series.

While I am still worried about where the show is headed in general, I am delighted that the second episode was on par with the first, never offering a dull moment while setting up characters and future plot lines.

Please NBC don’t cancel another show with so much potential.

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