Hearthstone: League of Explorers Announced

Grab your fedora, crack your whip, and get ready to raid some lost arks, Hearthstone players! Blizzard has announced that there will be a new expansion coming to Hearthstone, called League of Explorers, a new trailer for which was also released, which you can check out below.

The expansion tasks players with exploring Azeroth’s archaeological sites alongside a dwarf treasure hunter by the name of Brann Bronzebeard. The expansion has three parts-or wings as they’re called- each one providing a piece of an artifact: Temple of Orsis, Uldaman and Stranglethorn Jungle. A fourth wing will involve exploring Hall of Explorers in the Ironforge.

In addition to a new quest, here’s a full list of what the expansion will add:

  • New Cards: The League of Explorers contains 4 wings packed with fiendish bosses, puzzling traps, and ancient mysteries for you to discover. When you overcome a boss or an encounter for the first time, you will earn brand-new cards for your collection!
  • Legendary: When you defeat all the challenges in a wing for the first time, you will be rewarded with that wing’s legendary card – for example, Elise Starseeker!
  • League of Explorers
  • Class Challenges: The League of Explorers also includes nine all-new class challenges that task you with using a special pre-built deck to prove your skill. Succeed, and the new class cards are yours.
  • New Game Boards: Immerse yourself in the adventure with all-new playing fields!
  • Meet the League: Make friends with renowned explorer and fearless dwarven historian Brann Bronzebeard and the other members of the League of Explorers: dashing treasure hunter extraordinaire Reno Jackson, brilliant night elf scholar Elise Starseeker, and gentleman (gentle-fish?) murloc adventurer Sir Finley Mrrgglton!
  • New Keyword: The League of Explorers introduces a new keyword that lets you do some digging of your own: Discover! You’ll treasure the opportunity to dig up cards and select the one you need the most!
  • Heroic Mode: If you’re ready for a challenge, you can try taking on the Heroic Mode version of any mission that you’ve cleared. This extra-tough game mode is designed for players eager to test their puzzle-solving skills against incredibly powerful opponents. Bring your best deck and your sharp wits.

Hearthstone: League of Explorers first wing releases on November 12th.





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