Here’s a Sneak Peek at Total War: Warhammer’s Dwarves

The Total War series of games have always existed in the realm of real world history, from the bloody battlefields of feudal Japan to the strategic masterpieces of the Roman Empire, they’ve very rarely ever ventured into the realm of fantasy. That is, until the Total War team announced that they would be bringing their real time strategy gameplay and depth to the Warhammer series of tabletop fantasy combat games. In a new sneak peek video posted today, we get a special first look at the design process behind one of the pivotal warrior groups in the Warhammer series, the dwarves.

Entitled Axe and Hammer, this new video goes behind the scenes to look at the design process behind the dwarven axe and hammer troops. Dwarves are proud, strong soldiers, preferring their expertly and ornately crafted axes and hammers over the stabbing weapons such as swords and spears used by other races. Short and powerful, like a coiled spring, dwarves can dismay enemy troops with ease, and even bring down larger foes when used effectively. Check out the video below, Total War: Warhammer is expected to drop sometime in 2015 for Windows PC.









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