Here’s Another Atmospheric Unravel Trailer

The new physics yarn platformer Unravel released a new trailer this week, showing off the vibrant and exceptionally detailed environments that the little yarn doll will need to travel through to put together the pieces of a story much bigger than the scale of the game itself. Narrated by the development team themselves, the team explore the concepts behind level design and themeing, relying heavily on the games theme of the past and secrets. With heavy inspiration from locations in Norway and Sweden, Unravel aims to create a new and fantastical world based on real world locations and the kind of feelings that come from the everyday world we all inhabit.

A heavily artistic and detailed game, Unravel is quickly showing a high amount of polish and complexity unlike in other games in the genre. Unravel will be hitting PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC this February 9, 2016. Check out the new video below.







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