Here’s What Halo 5: Guardians Microtransactions Will Cost

Halo 5: Guardians will be having microtransactions introduced to the title, and 343 Industries touched based on how much it will actually cost in order to get premium cards. The way microtransactions will work are through REQ Packs — which for those who are unfamiliar have REQ Cards in that grant either single-use or permanent items. All players will start with 54 REQ Cards and 7500 REQ Points. Said points can be used to purchase REQ Packs, that will be similar to boost packs essentially.

There are three core REQ packs that players can pick from — bronze, silver and gold, each containing items that match their REQ Pack level. Bronze Packs will have common single-use REQ Cards and higher chances of unlocking a permanent card. Silver Packs will contain rare to common REQ Cards with a higher chance of unlocking two permanent REQ Cards. Gold Packs will contain a  “large number” of REQs that will range from uncommon to legendary. There will also be a guarantee of two permanent cards in the Gold Packs.


All the packs will be unlockable by playing through Halo 5 but if you want to get them quicker then you better be prepared to spend some real dough. Unfortunately Bronze Packs can’t be purchased with real money but Silver will run at $1.99 and Gold will be $2.99.

Halo 5: Guardians will be coming to Xbox One on October 27th. Are you ready?




Source: Halo Waypoint