Here’s Why Your Birthday Matters in Metal Gear Solid V

When you first start playing Metal Gear Solid V, the first thing you’re asked to do is to not only make an avatar for Metal Gear Online, but also pick your name and your birthday. The name isn’t terribly important, but the birthday actually does have some significance, as evidenced in this video uploaded surrounding the easter egg that’ll appear when you play on your birthday. In it, Ocelot, Miller, and the rest of the Diamond Dogs ambush Snake as he’s exiting the chopper, surprising him with fireworks and a cake as well as a cigar to celebrate the occasion.

A small surprise, but not entirely unexpected considering time has always played a strange part in every Metal Gear Solid game. In Metal Gear Solid 3, the boss fight against The End can be cheated just by setting the system clock forward a week, where the elderly sniper will die of old age without having the need to fight him. Check out the video below.







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