Here’s Your First Look At Quake Champions’ Combatants

Bethesda recently uploaded a new video on Quake Champions. The latest video is an interview with Tim Willits, the studio director for id Software, who elaborates the new abilities on several of the playable competitors that were announced during the game’s announcement trailer revealed at E3 last month.

The new video has Willits providing some backstory on the four classes that were showcased at E3 this year. According to Willits, each of the four classes offer a distinct ability, which can alter their play styles.

  • Ranger: The Ranger uses the Dire Orb, which allows him to fire a projectile and then teleport to its location, similar to the Personal Teleporter equipment in id’s recent Doom multiplayer.
  • Visor: Appropriate for his name, Visor uses his Piercing Sight ability to see enemies through walls and objects.
  • Nyx: Nyx is the quickest of these four Champions, with agility further enhanced by her phase ability, which allows her to become intangible to sneak around and dodge enemy attacks.
  • Scalebearer: As the largest of the four, Scalebearer puts his weight to use with his Bull Rush ability that allows him to charge forward while dealing damage to enemies in his path.

Currently, Quake Champions is set to launch exclusively for the PC. Although no release date has been announced for the game, according to Bethesda, more information on the game will be revealed during QuakeCon this year. The convention is to commence on Augusts 4th and will conclude on Augusts 7th.