Hitman’s 23rd Elusive Target Is Now Live

IO Interactive has announced the 23rd Elusive Target for players of Hitman to track down. This target is the first one to take place in Paris and, as usual, will be a great test of players ability to track down and eliminate a target.

Players have 11 days to eliminate Kieran Hudson, but you players will only get one chance to pull off the hit. Failure will cause the target to disappear for good and for players to miss out on the rewards of completing the mission.

Successfully completing this mission will net players the Tuxedo with Gloves suit. If players are able to earn the “Silent Assassin” rating, then it will count towards the  unlocking the Winter Suit.

The developer also announced some more content that will be arriving in April. One change is that instead of weekly release, they will just drop the month’s content on the same day. Starting today, players will can take on The Otaktay Obliteration Escalation Contract, The Yumma Tenacity Escalation Contract, and 10 new featured contracts.

Hitman is available now on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.





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