Hitman’s Bangkok Mission is Available Now

Hitman’s fourth episode, Bangkok, is out today. Along with the episode is a new target, John Stubbs, a member of the games Sarajevo Six.

“Your target is John Stubbs, a retired mercenary who is on holiday at the luxury Himmapan Hotel in Bangkok with his wife,” publisher Square Enix explains. “There is a VIP in residence at the hotel at the same time, so expect heightened security presence.”

The Sarajevo Six offers PlayStation 4 players, six exclusive bonus contracts. All these contracts are focused on a side-story, centered on the former members of a paramilitary unit called CICADA. Episode 4: Bangkok introduces the Club 27 mission, new targets, all-new opportunities and disguises. Players will also be busy with the 75 different challenges that unlock new gear, weapons and items. Agent 47 will even be traveling to a luxury hotel in Thailand’s capital, but it will be for business, not pleasure, as you can see in the trailer below.

Hitman Episode 4: Bangkok is available now for the PlayStation 4.





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