Snow Day Hockey Is Coming Back To Rocket League

Psyonix Studios has just announced today that the popular Snow Day playlist will be coming back to Rocket League. The playlist will be coming to all versions of the game, including the recently released Xbox One version.

The announcement was made via Psyonix Studios official Twitter account. For those who’ve never heard of this or weren’t able to play it the first time, Snow Day was a playlist for Rocket League back in December, which turned the vehicular soccer game into a vehicular ice hockey, which is about as chaotic and as fun as it sounds. Psyonix did make it a point to emphasize that Snow Day does not replace the current playlist Rocket Labs, which is currently ongoing.

Expect to play in the snow when the Snow Day playlist returns to Rocket League next week. Rocket League is available now for the PlayStation 4, and PC, and as of last week, the Xbox One.







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