See the Cast of Home Alone Then and Now

All That’s Retro: See the Cast of “Home Alone” Then and Now

Daniel Stern

Daniel Stern Then and Now

Daniel Stern made an impression in “Home Alone” as Harry’s right hand man, Marv, chasing after an innocent kid not once, but twice. You would think the dirty bandits would have learned their lesson the first time. Even with Marv taking all the bricks, electric shock therapy, getting doused in paint, having a broken nose, falling several stories, being pecked by pigeons and so on, this guy still followed Harry around.

Stern went on to star in several other popular 90’s films, including “City Slickers” and “Very Bad Things”. You may also know him as the narrator (Kevin Arnold) in “The Wonder Years” from 1988 to 1993.

Stern has worked consistently in movies and on TV. Most recently, he has TV movie in post-production titled “Girlfriend in a Coma”. His personal life includes being married since 1980, attending a USO tour back in 2003 and working as a bronze sculptor.

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