Homefront: The Revolution Trailer Shows Off Co-Op

In the world of Homefront, the United States has all but fallen to the totalitarian dictatorship of the North Korean military. Things look bleak, but with Americans never one to back down a resistance movement has taken to the shadows and to the streets, dedicated to taking back their nation by blood and flame. In the newest trailer for the upcoming shooter, we get a first hand look at the game’s Resistance mode, a four player co-op experience where players come together to form Resistance Cells, and wage guerilla warfare against the military in order to take back the city.

Players will be able to unlock new skills, weapon blueprints, and equipment to upgrade and customize their roster. Along with regular updates and support post-launch, the new mode will also release new co-op missions in the future, which will be made free of charge for all players. Check out the new trailer below.







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