Horizon Zero Dawn Receives Fantastic Cinematic Trailer

Sony has just released a new cinematic trailer for Horizon Zero Dawn. The trailer is beautiful and raises some very interesting questions. The game looks incredible and I’m excited for the chance to dive into the world for myself once it releases.

The trailer showcases a little more of the villain group, which is a bunch of masked individuals that want to take over for some reason, and more of Aloy’s tribe. The trailer also showed off some more of the robotic animals that players will be hunting for parts. Including a large and broken one that looked as if it were under repair. The trailer did a great job of raising questions and keeping me curious as to just what this game will have to offer in terms of story. Everything certainly looks to be coming along fine and I’m extremely excited to explore this beautiful world for myself.

Horizon Zero Dawn is set to launch February 28th exclusively for the PlayStation 4. You can check out the trailer below.