HIMYM Last Time in New York Review

How I Met Your Mother S9 E3 “Last Time in New York” Review

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

While watching this season’s third episode of “How I Met Your Mother,” two things occurred to me. One is that they are probably trying to stretch this wedding between Robin and Barney out, and two, so far it’s actually kind of working. This is due, in part, to the episodes connecting so well. This one particularly had a cliffhanger ending that makes me think the trend will continue next week. As the Barney/Robin wedding approaches things are still feeling quite fresh.

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“Last Time in New York” starts off with the happy couple sitting in the hotel bar. Barney’s “ring-bear” is still a mystery, but I am sure that will pay off. The two end up getting into a much more interesting issue this week, both being afraid they will get old and less horny. It ends up making for some pretty funny banter between Robin and Barney, as they inch closer and closer to the knot.

Meanwhile, Marshall is still trying to get to the wedding as he travels across country with his new friend. This whole storyline has sitcom cliché written all over it, but it’s still pretty funny. I am much more interested in seeing Marshall and Lily back together then their individual story lines, neither of which are super compelling at this point, but are good for a laugh. Speaking of Lily, the continuing Linus joke from last episode is still in effect.

While Marshall travels to the wedding, Lily continues to drink and give Ted life advice. Ted has created a New York City bucket list. Watching Ted talk to the Empire State building was hilarious, and oddly not surprising. We also get a few funny flashbacks during Lily and Ted’s time together, revealing some deep dark secrets…not really, but some funny secrets come to light.

Really this episode just felt, well, episodic as it bounced between the characters on a whim. This season is absolutely getting back to the classic “How I Met Your Mother” moments, but I still worry that they may have a problem stretching the story lines into a full season. My highest hope is that we get a lot more moments with the mother, and maybe even get to see the beginnings of their relationship. This seems probable right now, since last episode had that beautiful flash forward.

This episode had its own touching moments as well. Particularly the end of the episode. I won’t spoil it for you, but it was a nice cliffhanger that got me itching for the next episode. If all goes well, the wedding should be wrapped up fairly soon, given they don’t try to stretch it out forever.

All in all, I have a good feeling about this final season, and I am excited to see what comes next for Ted, Robin, Barney, Marshall and Lily.



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