How to Become James Bond in 3 Easy Steps

Epic Lifestyle: How to Become James Bond in 3 (Not So Easy) Steps

Step One: Personality

Sean Connery as James Bond

“Manners maketh man,” Galahad teaches us in Kingsman: The Secret Service, and he couldn’t be more right. Even if you manage to look the part of 007, your effort would be wasted if you can’t behave like him. Here are some key points you’ll want to remember during your transformation:

Be charming. Every single word that comes from Bond’s mouth leaves us smiling and wanting more. His personality is attractive and cunning, and this all stems from his charm. Keep in mind that charm has nothing to do with flirtation. That’s an entirely different ball game. Charm will allow you to draw people to yourself, regardless of gender, and after you’re gone, those people will find themselves recalling memories of you for no other reason than that they enjoyed your presence.

Be silent. Another big part of Bond’s personality is the air of mystery that surrounds him. This is achieved by knowing when and when not to talk. Don’t spill your guts. Don’t feel the need to fill every silent moment with idle chatter. Say what must be said, and then simply listen and observe.

Be confident. Bond is an extremely attractive guy, but it doesn’t all come from his dashing good looks. Confidence is more important that looks, and Bond has confidence in spades. He can do anything and everything, and he knows it. This skillset is highly unrealistic for mere mortals, so fake it until you make it.

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