How to Become James Bond in 3 Easy Steps

Epic Lifestyle: How to Become James Bond in 3 (Not So Easy) Steps

Step Three: Skillset

Roger Moore as James Bond

This is the final step and is, by far, the most difficult step of all. You can fake the personality and you can buy all the clothes and accessories, but without the requisite skillset, you will never become Bond. 007 excels at all he does, whether it be extreme sports, sharp-shooting, or piloting. He is simply the best. This level of confidence and skill is achieved through countless hours of training, conditioning, and practice. The James Bond skillset separates the men from the boys, as it were.

A good place to start is in hand to hand combat and firearm training. These are at the core of Bond’s skillset, and are a must have. After mastering these techniques you can then move on to the really cool stuff like intense parkour, driving, and skiing. The surefootedness you will acquire from all this training will surely help you become the greatest Double-O Agent the world has ever known.


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