Indie Highlight: Epistory-Typing Chronicles

Typing is such a key skill in this era that it is something most people don’t even think about anymore. It has become entirely second nature, much like walking. Developer Fishing Cactus took the key skill of typing and designed an incredible adventure RPG around it. While it may sound like an odd combination, Epistory-Typing Chronicles is proof that it is a working combination.

Epistory-Typing Chronicles is exactly what is sounds like, a typing game. It also just so happens to be an incredible adventure game created in the style of a child’s book. While it may be a game that focuses on typing, this game goes deeper than the words on the page.


One thing that needs to be stated is that while this is a game that focuses on typing, it is not a game that teaches you how to type. However, the game is great for building up typing speeds. The game adapts its difficulty based on how fast and accurate the player types. As you get better and better, the game will amp the difficulty and encourage the player to reach even faster speeds.

Of course, this would mean nothing if the game was boring. Thankfully, it is an incredible adventure game that players out like a fantastic fairytale. The player will have to fend off hordes of enemies by typing what appear above them to destroy them. This can actually become very difficult when more and more enemies attack at a time and can cause some truly chaotic fun as you are typing as fast as you can to make sure you survive this wave and continue the journey.


The combat also has a surprising amount of strategy in it. Early in the game, the player gets the ability to cause fire damage, which burns away layers of typing to kill an enemy. This means you can use it to start damaging a larger enemy while you quickly take out the smaller guys before they can surround you and then quickly focusing you attention back to the now weakened enemy.

The wonderful adventure story mixed with an incredible art style and surprisingly engaging combat is why I can’t help but recommend this overlooked gem. This is definitely one game that is worth looking beyond the cover and seeing what magic it has waiting on the pages within.






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