This Jack Skellington Cosplay is Definitely King of the Pumpkin Patch

October has been a month of full of the spooky and the strange as we honor Halloween in the ways we do best. From the creature under our beds with their teeth ground sharp and eyes glowing red to the one hiding under the stairs with fingers like snakes and spiders in the hair, we have brought the best out to celebrate. As we finish our celebration on this fair night, we cannot help but wonder if there is… something more.


The Nightmare Before Christmas tells the story of Jack, the Pumpkin King, who rules over the holiday of Halloween in his town appropriately named Halloween Town. While Jack excels at his job and with little effort could scare even the bravest of men, he begins to wonder if there is something else and longs to find out what it is. During a walk in the woods, Jack stumbles upon a circle of trees all brandishing a symbol of each different holiday. Jack tumbles into Christmas Town and the sights and sounds spark a light in his heart that he thought was dying out, and that he too should be able to join in the fun of the Christmas spirit! In his attempt to bring “Sandy Claws” to Halloween Town, all goes wrong as the troublesome trio of Lock, Shock and Barrel sidetrack from their mission under the command of the notoriously evil Mister Oogie Boogie.


Jack Skellington comes to life as Maho-Urei perfects everything from his signature black and white pinstripe suit to his dog, Zero. The Pumpkin King walks with exaggerated gestures due to his long, lanky frame and Maho captures it in each shot. The long, bony fingers curl with each gesture that Jack makes as he goes through longing and sorrow to overjoyed upon finding Christmas in Maho’s photoshoot, and his expressions are captured perfectly while maintaining his ghostly skeleton head with Maho’s expertise with face makeup.






Written by Guest Contributor: MissJinxei


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