Jessie Cosplay is Blasting Off Again


Team Rocket is infamous in the Pokemon series. Jessie, a member of Team Rocket along with James and Meowth, has been a part of the Pokemon cartoon series since it’s inception. Their plans usually revolved around stealing Pikachu from Ash along with any other Pokemon they could get their hands on. This ended in defeat with the trio being blown again yelling the catch phrase “Looks like Team Rocket’s blasting off again!” Jessie has an explosive temper that usually appears when someone insults her looks due to her extreme vanity.


Eve Beauregard dons the white and black Team Rocket outfit featured in the beginning of the series. The white crop top features the red Team Rocket R with a black undershirt and matching white skirt. Black gloves and ravishing red hair complete the ensemble. Sporting the “V for Victory” symbol featured in the show, she shows off her fab figure in this sexy cosplay.

 Photography by Nick Acott Photography




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